Kathmandu : Executive Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda ‘ has announced a strong movement against the move to dissolve the parliament. At his party’s Central Committee meeting, Chairman Prachanda said that he would fight hard for the restoration of the parliament and that Nepal could be closed.

In the coming movement, Nepal may be closed. It’s hard. Let’s have courage, ‘he said,’ if there is anything wrong with the mind, let it go. It is to agitate. You will have to be many times more active and self-sacrificing in your state. 

They also mentioned that they had endured contempt from Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli for two and a half years. They have even said that they have done well by deciding to take political action against Olivier. “After two and a half years of humiliation, the secretariat has the courage to establish the truth.

They are trying to drink poison, ‘he said. He targeted Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli for being a bourgeois and said that the bourgeoisie would be fluent in words. He also mentioned that Prime Minister Oli had dissolved the parliament by using words and phrases.

He says that Oli has given him more time than he will come with an alternative. “I am coming with an option in 5 minutes. There were two options, but they were hastily broken.” This is not a normal thing, ‘said Prachanda. Brujuwa (targeting Oli) are fluent in vocabulary. The mind of the proletariat (themselves) is honest. He has also called on all to join the Kada movement. “We have to make the movement a little stronger. If we do not join the Kada movement, it does not mean that it will be re-established as it is not in the constitution, ‘he said.

The tenth stage is needed. The counter-revolution is trying to raise its head. He also mentioned that the work of dissolving the House of Representatives was done in a grand design and another trap was set to go for a fresh mandate. “It is foolish to say that elections will take place and they will win. Parliament should be formed from time to time. Otherwise it becomes a precedent. The Prime Minister will do the same in the future, ‘he said. He gave an Indian example of a relative’s death as proof of death, saying, “We are alive.” The Central Committee is alive.

Chairman Prachanda also said that an attempt has been made to bring counter-revolution in the country like in 2017 BS. He said that work was being done according to the big design to weaken the Communist Party. Prachanda said, “We are trying to bring a counter-revolution like the one of 2017. Our achievements have been killed and destroyed.” Those of us who are not dead are said to be dead. If necessary, we have to go to the struggle. He mentioned that there is a danger of losing even the achievements of the last seven decades. “The achievements we have made over the last seven decades have been unparalleled,” he said.

Our movement is against fake and fake tendencies, ‘he said,’ fighting with ideologically and politically distracted friends. This is the battle of life and death. We have to move forward to pay the price. Chairman Prachanda said that work was being done in Nepal amidst competition to overthrow the world power. ‘International wires are also connected here. Due to its geopolitical location, Nepal is playing against the competition for world power.


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